The first ETF-like Platform for NFTs

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A Message to our holders
THE DAUNTLESS DOLPHIN CLUB purchases blue chip NFT’s and distributes the shares directly to our Dolphin holders. We want to distribute shares of the NFT’s we acquire based on polls and a voting process done by our holders. Our utility is giving back to our Dolphin family as a thank you for trusting us and wanting to be the biggest ETF in the NFT space. We have been patient when wanting to come out with our project. Don’t miss the chance to be a part of this awesome family.

Dauntless Dolphin Club

About Us

The Dauntless Dolphin`s Collection (DDC) aims to be the first ETF-like platform for NFTs. By purchasing one of the NFTs, you gain an exclusive access to the DDC community which will buy and sell Blue Chip NFTs for profits and then share them amongst the HODLERS! Join our amazing community while you still have the chance and experience the dolphins life, fully.


This marks the beginning of the journey for the DDC community. After selling the first batch of two thousand NFTs we intent to purchase a Blue Chip NFT with the votes of everyone who holds one of our pieces. Votes will be accounted on our many Media platforms, while official voting for holders of the NFT will take place on the website.


After the success of the first drop, we intend on aiming higher by initiating an expansion of the community and the developement of more smart contracts. Anyone who owns one of our NFTs is a part of the community and will have an impact on the decisions that are made within the organization.


With more and more people joining the community, we want to expand by purchasing a Blue Chip NFT; Inevitably increasing the total value of our holdings and the profits that will be returned to the holders.


After the fourth drop ends, the DDC will now be a well established and known community with many followers. By this time, the community will be completed and new projects will be setup on their way. But to celebrate, we will purchase one more Blue Chip NFT that will mark the end of what hope is only the beginning.


Buckle up for the rest of the adventure, we are fully sold out and ready to begin new ventures. Don’t miss out on the many opportunities that the holders and members of our community will get, you could be part of it too.

Our Team

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